Lugano to accept BTC for taxes, EU Commission threatens to shut down mining and Bitcoin Core v26 released

  Bitcoin Core software v26.0 is live The latest upgrade to Bitcoin Core, the primary open-source software for connecting the blockchain behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency, is now live. The v26.0 upgrade contains experimental support for the “v2” transport protocol as defined by Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 324 (BIP324), which seeks to encrypt communication between nodes reducing the risks […]

SEC calls for opinion on ETF, Dorsey backs decentralized mining pool and Binance warned in Philippines

SEC calls for public opinion on two bitcoin ETF proposals The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently disclosed the next steps in its evaluation process for the proposed bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from Franklin Templeton and Hashdex. The regulatory agency has invited written comments on both proposals, seeking input on whether to approve […]

U.S. fines Binance with $4 billion, traders withdraw $1,3 billion in one day and Blackrock meets with SEC

U.S. wants more than $4 billion from Binance to end case The U.S. government dealt a massive blow to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, which agreed to pay a roughly $4 billion settlement Tuesday as its founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao pleaded guilty to a felony related to his failure to prevent money laundering […]

SEC delays ETF-decision, Cboe to launch margined futures and gaming company invests $100 million in crypto

SEC delays decision over the conversion of the Hashdex Bitcoin futures ETF to spot The Securities and Exchange Commission has decided it needs more time before deciding on whether or not to allow a Bitcoin futures ETF and an Ethereum futures ETFs to convert to spot ETFs, the agency declared Wednesday in separate filings. In […]

Robinhood expands to Europe, Athena Bitcoin integrates lightning and OI on CME surpasses 100.000 BTC

Athena Bitcoin to Integrate Lightning Network for Bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador Athena Bitcoin has announced plans to integrate the Lightning Network into its crypto ATM fleet in El Salvador with wider expansion targeted at the entire Latin American region. In a Nov 7 press release, the company revealed it has enabled the technology in partnership […]

SEC may approve bitcoin ETF soon, BTC whitepaper 15 years old and Wikipage popular again

SEC may approve bitcoin ETF on November 2nd In the wake of the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent decisions, the Bitcoin community’s focus sharpened. Notably, the SEC chose not to challenge the judgment from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which favored Grayscale’s aim to transform its Bitcoin […]

New miner for Bitmain, Ledger launches Recovery-service and ticker ETF iShares delisted from DTCC again

Bitmain unveils new T21 bitcoin miner On Wednesday, bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the introduction of a new air-cooled BTC miner, the T21 Antminer. The new device boasts a production capacity of up to 190 terahash per second (TH/s) and maintains an efficiency ratio of approximately 19 joules per terahash (J/T). After the recent […]

Coinbase expands futures trading, Tesla did not sell BTC and Taproot Assets launched on mainnet

Coinbase advanced expands Perpetual Futures trading to non-US jurisdictions Coinbase has revealed that customers residing in eligible non-US regions now have the opportunity to engage in perpetual futures trading on Coinbase Advanced, the firm’s specialized platform designed for discerning retail traders. Starting on October 18, traders will be able to employ USDC as their currency […]

Lightning grows 1,200% in 2 years, BitVM brings Ethereum contracts to Bitcoin and merger for hodling Hut 8

Bitcoin Lightning Network growth jumps 1,200% in 2 years A report from the Bitcoin-only exchange River suggests increased Lightning usage will play a key role in Bitcoin becoming a better medium of exchange. Bitcoin’s layer 2 Lightning Network has seen an estimated 1,212% growth in two years, with around 6.6 million routed transactions in August, […]

Bitcoin Futures on biggest Canadian exchange, SBF trial to begin and Celsius wants to reimburse late 2023

SBF trial to begin as judge says he faces “very long sentence” if convicted Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial is beginning this week with jury selection on Tuesday morning. SBF, the 31-year-old man behind bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is facing seven criminal charges with maximum sentences adding up to 110 years. “Your client in the event […]