Bitcoin turns 15 years old, potential split in Ordinal community and miners made $4 billion in fees in one month

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Bitcoin celebrates 15th birthday

In a momentous celebration for the crypto community, bitcoin marks its 15th birthday today with a surprising green twist on its price chart. The historic significance of Jan. 3 lies in the mining of the first block, known as the “genesis block,” a milestone that reshaped the landscape of digital assets and financial markets.

Fifteen years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the inaugural block in the Bitcoin blockchain, earning a reward of 50 BTC. Embedded within that block was a message that resonates to this day:

“Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

Source: U.Today

Bitcoin BRC-20 debates about split of Unisat Wallet

On January 2nd, prominent X user Domo, the creator of the Bitcoin BRC-20 token standard, expressed strong opposition to an upcoming fork proposed by UniSat Wallet.

This move has ignited a debate within the cryptocurrency community, with Domo raising concerns about the rushed updates to the BRC-20 standard and their potential impact on users.

In a statement on social media, Domo voiced his reservations about the proposed changes to the BRC-20 standard. He characterized the updates as reckless and criticized the lack of consideration for peer indexers. Domo’s primary concern revolves around the potential harm these updates could pose to the broader community of BRC-20 users.

Bitcoin miners minted $4 billion in fees in just 30 days

In recent observations by crypto analyst Will Clemente, bitcoin has secured the top position among blockchains, leading in fees generated over the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

According to the data from the past 30 days, bitcoin’s fee dominance translates to an annualized figure exceeding $4 billion for miners. This development is seen as a bullish signal for both miners and the overall security of the network.

The Bitcoin mining activity has surged pretty strongly over the last 8 days as we approach closer to the Bitcoin ETF approval next week. This surge in mining activity is likely to continue going ahead as we approach the bitcoin halving in April 2024.

Source: Coingape

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