Is Crypto2Cash available on social media?

The best way to reach Crypto2Cash is via phone (+370 5211 0041) or email ( We also monitor social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium and Facebook. The following are the official Crypto2Cash accounts: Twitter @crypto2cashhq – Instagram @crypto2cashhq – Linkedin Crypto2Cash – Medium  Crypto2Cash – Facebook Crypto2cash – Crypto2Cash will never ask customers to […]

Can I send Crypto2Cash an email?

You are most welcome to contact us on We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Can Crypto2Cash be reached by phone?

Yes we can! Within our office hours, we can be reached at +370 5211 0041. 

Can I contact Crypto2Cash through the chat?

Yes you can. Just log into the app/platform (you do not have to complete the account yet) and then contact us through the chat functionality. We look forward to hearing from you!