When do I receive my payment?

Crypto2Cash pays out to your designated bank account immediately once the transation is completed

I am not able to sell by cryptos on the platform/app?

There can be several reasons why you are not able to sell your cryptos on our platform. 1. You did not complete the account verification: You submitted the cryptos before you had completed the account verification and consequently you are not yet our customer and cannot yet use our services. Please complete the verification process, […]

How to request your quote

If you have activated an account with us and verified a bank account with us, you can use the request for quote functionality. Using the ‘Quotes’ screen You can easily request a quote using the ‘quotes’ screen. It is the first screen you will see after you log in to the Crypto2Cash app. Here you […]

How to deposit your cryptocurrency

Once you have been verified as a customer and you wish to use our services to sell your crypto for any one of the 29 fiat currencies supported by Crypto2Cash, you will first need to deposit the cryptocurrency you wish to sell. This guide is aimed to help you through the process of making your […]

How to add your bank account

Before you can start to sell your cryptocurrency through Crypto2Cash, you will first need to add details of the bank account where you would like your funds sent. This guide is aimed to help you through the process of adding your bank account details. Using the ‘bank accounts’ screen You can easily add your bank […]

How fast does Crypto2Cash pay out?

If your account is verified and you have submitted all the required bank information, including a copy of a bank statement, then the proceeds of a confirmed transaction will be paid out to your bank account from us immediately. Unfortunately, as it is normal bank transfers, how quickly the funds are credited to your account […]

Can I withdraw the cryptocurrency I have deposited?

We have built our solution to enable you to sell your cryptocurrency in a fast and secure manner. We do not aim to be a wallet service. That would create unnecessary exposure of your crypto for you and for us. In the case you wish to withdraw the cryptocurrency you have deposited on your wallet […]

Can I purchase cryptos through Crypto2Cash?

Our primary offering is to offer customers the possibility to sell cryptos, however we can offer services for purchasing cryptos, but it is subject to additional requirements and signing a contract for this extra service. If you wish to hear more, please reach out to our support team at support@crypto2cash.com. Please include which type of cryptos […]