Why does Crypto2Cash verify my identity?

Crypto2Cash is based in Lithuania and is thus subject to requirements from Lithuanian law and the European Union. We are therefore required to identify our customers prior to being able to offer you our services. If you have questions to this, please contact our support team.

Which documents are accepted as a proof of residence?

Different documents can be accepted, such as; Letters from authorities Utility bills Documents related to insurance or equivalent. How old the documents are allowed to be varies a bit from country to country, but if it is no older than 3 months it will be accepted from most. If you have any questions, please do […]

I cannot find my country in the country list

If you are trying to open an account, but you cannot find your country in the list of countries, most likely you are from a jurisdiction, where we cannot offer our services. You are of course welcome to reach out to us on support@crypto2cash.com, if you have any questions to this.

How can I open a business account with Crypto2Cash?

You can easily open a business account via one of our mobile apps or the desktop platform [insert clickable links]. Make sure to select ‘Business’ when creating the log in with you email address. Please note, it is recommended to use your business email address. We will verify your company and it’s UBO’s (Ultimate Beneficial […]

How to set up your account with Crypto2Cash

In order for you to be able to use our services, you will first need to provide us with different information. We gather this information for both your and our safety and would aim to activate accounts within 1 work day. This guide is aimed to help you go through the activation process. What information […]