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How to set up your account with Crypto2Cash

In order for you to be able to use our services, you will first need to provide us with different information. We gather this information for both your and our safety and would aim to activate accounts within 1 work day.

This guide is aimed to help you go through the activation process.

What information do you need to provide us?

  1. Personal details
  2. Identification document
  3. Proof of residence/address

When you create your account, the app will present you the relevant fields that require your personal information as described above.

Which documents are accepted?
We accept different identification documents at Crypto2Cash.

Identification document:
Exactly which identification document is relevant to you will depend upon your country of residence, You will be presented with a choice of the following :

  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Driving License

Proof of residence/address:

  • We accept different proofs of residence/address at Crypto2Cash:
  • Utility- or phone bill
  • Tax invoice
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Permit of Residency
  • Official government/municipality letter or document in your name.

Please ensure that:

  • Your name and address are visible
  • The issue date of the letter/document is clearly visible and was issued within the last 3 months
  • The document is fully visible, with all four outside corners inside the picture

Once you have filled in the fields and uploaded the proof of residence/address, you will receive instructions for a video call.

Why a video call? The video call is an extra level of identification as well as somethings which we feel adds to the personal service.

In the video call, you will be asked to present your documents, such as the ID, and asked to answer different questions, such as:

  • Verify that you accept our terms and conditions
  • Verify that you accept that the laws of Lithuanian are applicable

We can be contacted:

  • By email:
  • By phone: +372 602 6773
  • Through the app: where you can reach us via chat.

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